Using ARP Funds to Redesign Schools for Whole Child Equity

Updated: Aug 12

As we approach the beginning of the 2021-22 school year, our nation must address the effects of overlapping crises, including the ongoing COVID pandemic, longstanding racial injustices, and challenging economic conditions. Our goal must be not only to respond to current crises and accelerate learning but to transform our education systems to help all young people achieve their full potential – to choose policies and approaches that plant seeds, not just fill holes.

The American Recovery Plan (ARP) Act provides unprecedented funding that can be used immediately to build toward a new school year and over the next several years to seed long-term change. These essential resources can and should be used by states and districts to establish equitable, whole-child learning environments that can accelerate COVID recovery, improve education equity, and redesign education systems such that all students can thrive.

To help guide states and districts in building ARP plans consistent with the science of learning and development, the SoLD Alliance has released an initial set of state and local policy recommendations on how to use ARP funds to redesign schools for whole child equity.

For more information, read our new brief: Using ARP Funds to Redesign Schools for Whole Child Equity: Early State and Local Policy Recommendations from the Science of Learning and Development.


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Together we can design our education and learning settings with a new, equitable purpose – one that is relationship-rich, holistic, rigorous, and profoundly positive and engaging of students’ interests and abilities.

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