COVID-19 Resources for Field Leaders


COVID-19 is dramatically impacting nearly all aspects of our lives, including how we build and sustain relationships, how we continue learning and working, and the context of our everyday lives. This is also true for the young people on whose behalf we work. This is a time that will reveal and exacerbate inequities ranging from the digital divide to finding a quiet place to learn in smaller or crowded homes — not to mention students experiencing homelessness with nowhere to safely “shelter in place.”

Knowledge from the science of learning and development arms us with powerful and actionable insights on how to help educators, families, policymakers, researchers, mentors, coaches and others who are working to support young people during this extraordinary period of crisis. For example, in times of great adversity, we know from the science of learning and development that by focusing on building and nurturing strong relationships with young people within a supportive environment (or context), caring adults can actually help alleviate the impact of stress that can interfere with learning and positive development. Without the support of strong relationships, we know that many young people will struggle to focus on their studies and social and emotional health during the weeks and months that they are likely to be out of school during the pandemic. Now more than ever we need to collaborate to highlight and fight these inequities. It’s knowledge and insights like this, from the science of learning and development, that can be the spark that helps create opportunity to learn for every young person no matter the challenge.

That’s why SoLD Alliance experts in research, practice, and policy are committed to identifying, curating, and elevating resources that are informed by the findings of the science of learning and development and designed to advance equity for:

Reopening Learning Settings

Parents, students, families, and caregivers

Educators at any level of the system

Advocates, policymakers, organization and system leaders

Additional Resources for All Audiences

If you have or know of any helpful resources that would be important to share with the larger SoLD community, please email them to Samantha Kobbah (

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