Design Principles for Schools: Putting the Science of Learning and Development Into Action


Updated: Sep 29

Emerging science tells us an optimistic story about the potential of all learners. There is burgeoning knowledge about the biological systems that govern development, including deeper understandings of brain structure and wiring and their connections to other systems and the external world. This research tells us that brain development and life experiences are interdependent and malleable— that is, the settings and conditions individuals are exposed to and immersed in affect how they grow throughout their lives.

This knowledge about the brain and development, coupled with a growing knowledge base from educational research, provides us with an opportunity to design systems in which all individuals are able to experience transformative learning and development.

The Design Principles for Schools is a new playbook that aims to support K-12 educators and youth-serving professionals in transforming all learning settings to meet the acute needs we are facing right now and also provide a solid down payment on the better, more equitable education system we need for our kids and their futures.

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